Show Notes: JOAT Podcast Episode 32: Sophia the First Robot Citizen, Cancer curing Nano-machines, Amazon’s new “Key Package” and more!

November 12, 2017

Episode 32 of the JOAT Podcast was lit from the get go. We talked about the first Robot to get Citizenship, Sophia. Watch the video above to see just how horrifying she really is. We also covered Wal-Mart bringing robots to their fine establishments, Robot lawyer crushing Cambridge students, and Amazon delivering shit straight into you house with keys. Even that dildo you ordered for mom!

Segement two was just as heated with Eddie recapping UFC 217, Vampire hysteria in Africa. Next on the agenda was nano machines that smarter people than I are planning to inject into your body to heal it. Shit’s cray cray! Of course the usuals were there as well. Universal Call-Out had 4 stories that you will just have to hear to believe. Even then you might not! We of course wrapped things up with quite possibly the best JOAT Video Corner to date. Universal Call-Out for the upcoming week is Muppets, so be on the look out for Muppet murdering abound! See you guys next week, love ya!


Sophia is here and she wants to destroy every human being in her path!  Good thing “The Jerks” are here and able to put an end to that noise if need be!  Would you give Amazon a key to your home to make deliveries while you’re at work?  How do you feel about robots roaming the aisles of Wal-Mart while you’re shopping?  Prostitutes who kill based on poor oral performance and swallowing the evidence?   OH YEAH!  All that and then some with a quick UFC 217 recap and an outstanding JOAT Video Corner!  We love you guys!  See ya next week!

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Episode 32: 

Sophia the First Robot Citizen, Cancer curing Nano-machines, Amazon’s new “Key Package” and more!

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