Show Notes: JOAT Podcast Episode 30: Mr. Robot Spectacular, Larry Flynt’s Trump Bounty, Ghostface Killah’s Cryptocurrency and more!

October 22, 2017


The show started with a desperate plea for fan’s of the JOAT Podcast to give us their money! Please check out the official JOAT Patreon Page.

Next up Eddie gave us his recap of UFC 216. The jerks then covered the 10 million dollar bounty Larry Flynt laid out on Donald Trump. Make sure to hit Larry up at: Hotline: 800-251-2714 or, if you have anything that might lead to the impeachment of the commander in cheese.

In our next segment we broke down both Ghostface Killah, and Russia both jumping into the Cryptocurrency game. While Ray can’t explain it well, the video below does!

We started the second segment with a detailed yet wildly chaotic breakdown of the show. It’s Ray’s favorite show and he forced Eddie to binge watch it or suffer extreme consequences. Try to count how many times Eddie calls Elliot Ethan! We finished things up with the usual suspects, Universal Call-Out, JOAT Video Corner, Inspirobot and the randomizer.

Hello Friend. This week the jerks are breaking down Ray’s favorite television show Mr. Robot. Eddie just binge watched it at Ray’s request. What did he think. We also have Eddie giving you a recap of UFC 216, Larry Flynt putting a 10 million dollar bounty on the Trumpster and chat about what Russia and Ghostface Killah have in common. Elsewhere we detail the results of the Universal Call-Out of Gypsys and tell you why you need to give your money to the jerks. The JOAT Video Corner is packed as well with: Tony the Tiger helping prostitutes, Larry Flynt being explaining style vs. class to a circuit court judge and KRS telling you about the voice inside your head. Prepare to get your hack on in the newest episode of the most transcendent podcast out there. 

1:37 – JOAT Patreon intro
10:19 – UFC 216 recap
13:01 – Larry Flynt’s 10 million dollar Trump Bounty
18:03 – Ghostface Killah’s Crytpo Currency/Russia hopes to launch its own digital currency
27:49 – JOAT Mr. Robot Series Review
58:55 – Universal Call-out Results: Gypsys
1:10:38 – JOAT Video Corner

JOAT Video Corner Links: 

Tony the Tiger Helps Hookers:

Larry Flynt Crushes Circuit Court Judge in the 80’s:

KRS One Explains the 5th Dimension:

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Episode 30: 

Mr. Robot Spectacular, Larry Flynt’s Trump Bounty, Ghostface Killah’s Cryptocurrency and more!

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