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It shouldn’t be a surprise where the jerks fall on the FCC and Net Neutrality but we will be covering that in depth. We have tons of other fun stories for you as well, and the debut of the “Wise Words from the Jerks.” See you guys next week. Love ya!

Episode 33 was certainly a fun one to record. We began by debunking the news the Sophia the first robot citizen was beheaded. Not this time fake news! The first new story of the week was a real doozy. Facebook wants you to send them you nudes to prevent people from seeing your nudes. Makes a lot of sense. We then hit a double whammy of sexiness with a look inside some of the world’s robot sex brothels, and a deep dive into “Bespoke Porn.” You won’t believe what you have to pay to get a porn star to dress up as Wonder Woman and pour BBQ sauce on herself while clipping her toenails! Spoiler, your wife or girlfriend will notice the missing funds.

The second segment was just as off the charts. We began with the prophetic video above, then went straight into Louis CK’s affinity for making women watch him beat his sausage silly. Also here, we chatted about Alex Trebek chowing down on has brownies, the upcoming Wavepaths trip guide app developed by Brian Eno and mourned the death of the Universal Call-Out. Damn you Muppets!

Toround the show out Ray gave the Twin Strangers doppelgänger finder a shot. My first match looks more like Eddie the Jerk than Ray the Jerk. The second one however was a dead ringer! Thanks for tuning in, and be sure to check out the very fist JOAT Video Corner Podcast next week. We Love You Guys!

WOOO!!!  Mark Zuckerberg has swiped right on all of “The Jerks” nude pics and we are feeling ourselves!!!  HAHAHAHA!!!  Are you ready to turnover all of your naked pics to Facebook?  A very interesting topic to say the least!  We also discover Europe’s first Sex Doll Brothel in Germany and according to the numbers, business is a boomin’!  Elsewhere we cover Louis CK and his scandalous desire to jerk off whenever and wherever he can, Alex Trebek’s first time eating pot brownies, and the new up and coming “Wavepaths” app that assists you with musical therapy while you take your favorite psychedelic drugs!  There’s also a Wonder Woman Red Rooster sighting and its pretty freaking hilarious!  Once again, thanks for listening!  We love you guys, and IT’S TIME TO GO TO WORK! 

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Episode 33: 

Facebook: “We Want Your Nudes!”